Theresa Mortimer
Theresa Mortimer is the first elected president of the Bahamas Financial Service Union.
She was born on 25th January 1962 in Nassau, Bahamas, and is married with two (2) children. She completed primary and high school before entering College of the Bahamas to pursue a degree in banking.
Theresa has been involved in the field of banking for over twenty two (22) years, having spent Twenty-One with Barclays Bank PLC and now with the New FirstCaribbean International Bank (Bahamas) Limited. Presently, she is employee with the FirstCaribbean International Finance Corporation (Bahamas) Limited where she is an Account Officer. She is also involved in her Church, Transfiguration Baptist where she assists in children and youth activities.
Under her leadership the BFSU has celebrate the first ever BFSU week and she continues to develop a wide range plan of action, focused around empowering all financial workers within The Bahamas to become member of the BFSU by targeting organized campaigns, establishing a global dialogue with employers, developing global solidarity action and ensuring that all members are properly represented.

Lashon Sawyer
Gen. Secretary
Lashon Sawyer is the first elected General Secretary. She was born on 26th August 1967. Lashon attended Queens College Primary and St. Augustine's College - high school both in Nassau, Bahamas. She holds an Associate Degree in Secretarial Science and a certificate in labour management, being one of the first attendees of the NCTU’s Labour College of the Bahamas. Lashon has been a banker for more than 11 years having worked in Barclays now Firstcaribbean International Bank (Bahamas) limited in the credit card division.
She is a devout Roman Catholic and is the proud mother of 2 children. Her hobbies include dancing, reading and is one who strives for perfection in all things and very task driven.

Sharon Lockhart
Asst. Gen. Secretary
Executive’s bio is currently unavailable.

Mark Gomez
Mark Gomez is a Trustee of the Bahamas Financial Services Union.
Mark has worked in the financial sector for the past 10 years, originally with Barclays and now with FirstCaribbean International Bank (Bahamas) Limited. Mark has climbed the banking ladder and has held several positions in Foreign Exchange, Operations, and Corporate, and now in Business Banking.
Mark holds wealth of knowledge, based on his banking experience and diversified educational background. Having studied in Freeport and Canada, this has prepared him to conquer arising challenges.
Mark’s course of action is seeing BFSU on its feet and standing behind its members, equality and justice for all.
Michael S. Johnson
Exec. Vice Presidednt
Michael S Johnson is the first elected Executive Vice President of the Bahamas Financial Services Union. He was born August 10, 1976 in Nassau, Bahamas and is currently single.
Michael holds a degree in Psychology/Sociology, a certificate in labour management, and a certificate in credit/collection procedures. Michael was the Valedictorian in the first group of graduates from the NCTU’s Labour College of The Bahamas. Michael is currently pursuing his BBA in marketing.
He has been involved in the field of banking for six years, having spent all of his tenure with Barclays Bank now First Caribbean International Bank (Bahamas) Limited.

Linda Evans
Mrs. Evans is a ‘unionist’ at heart, as the first elected treasurer of the Bahamas Financial Services Union, and one of it’s founding members; you might remember her on zns13 demonstrating for the rights of workers in the financial sector. She is also the assistant treasurer of the National Congress of Trade Unions (NCTU).
Mrs. Linda Denise Evans was born on 1st November 1955 and is a 1974 graduate of Aquinas College,
Linda started her working career as a secretary at St. John’s College where she also assisted with the coaching of the girl’s softball team.
In October 1976 she joined Barclays bank as a receptionist/telex operator and has been with the bank for 27 years, having had the opportunity to work and various departments. Presently she is the Senior Securities Officer in the Centralized Securities Unit of FirstCaribbean International Bank (Bahamas) Limited. She holds a diploma in general accounting.
She is a member of St. Anne’s Anglican Church. Her hobbies include sporting events especially track and field, gardening and organizing.
She is the proud mother of three children Vivienne, Valeria and Stafford.

Sue Culmer
Asst. Treasurer
Executive’s bio is currently unavailable.

Antona Curry - Trustee
Antona Curry
Antona Curry was appointed Acting Trustee in Jan 2004. Antona is a graduate of St. Augustine College Nassau, Bahamas. She has been a banker since 1983 starting out at Chemical Bank International, British American Bank, CIBC and now FirstCaribbean International Bank (Bahamas ) Limited. She has held several positions having the opportunity to work in the Abaco branch. She is on the team of Credit Collections.
Anton holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Administration from Sojorner Douglas College
She is a member of the Educational committee of the National Congress of Trade unions.
Antona hobbies include reading, public speaking and organizing events. She is involved in community services such as Girl Guides Association, Sister Sister Breast Cancer Support Group Ltd and St. Augustine Alumni Association.
She is the proud mother of one daughter.
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